High-res version

Miss Irenie Rose is an Irish folk singer, who fills out her solo voice recordings quite effectively with a looping machine. She has a broad vocal range dropping deep into a warm alto and then swooping to hit high notes with ease. We included the video below on our 2014 list, and I have been checking her video output ever since. Miss Irenie Rose still does not get more than a thousand views on her videos and deserves more recognition. There are quite a number of promising artists like her that I check every year to see what they’re up to.

(An aside on low view count videos. I do see quite a few videos from new promising artists each year, but the recording or video quality isn’t at a standard that I can use, or there is extended banter, or an overly long intro. Not that our list has much impact; I do this for my personal enjoyment and that of a small group of people, but if someone digging through thousands of videos to find the gold can’t view it; who will? My advice to the unknown artist is to make sure that you’re shown performing in your video; people want to know who you are: the artistic videos can come later. Also, get into the song right out of the gate and skip the banter or the overly long intro. Finally, figure out how to make a recording of decent quality. Hint: it doesn’t take a lot of money, more a question of know-how.)

The good news is that seven years later, Miss Irenie Rose is still producing good quality youtube videos and has a couple of new ones for consideration in our 2021 list. Neither has more than 100 views at present, which is a shame. Miss Irenie Rose is a very talented performer, and in truth the overnight sensations are not all that common. More prevalent is the persistent artist who gradually builds a following mainly through live performance. Let us hope Miss Irenie Rose receives the level of recognition her talent deserves.