I have a lot of fun doing this. This year I reviewed, in whole or in part, hundreds of videos in order to compile this list. Again, the rules are: 1) must be a video of a performance session or concert, which disqualifies most “official” videos, and 2) must be in the folk or rock genre, liberally applied, and 3) I reserve the right to make exceptions to the rules.
This year I had to exclude a few favourite performers who had new CD releases, but whose videos were not that great, so I’m going to do a separate playlist of out-takes at a later date.
There are 32 videos. I tried real hard to get the list down to 30, but I was at the point of cutting stuff I really hated to see go.
A few of the more well known names include: Adele (at #32), Mumford and Sons, Bryan Adams, and even the Bieb, and quite a few you’ve probably never heard of. [Note: Two videos have been removed by youtube since 2015.]
Comments are invited; I usually get around 500 views for these lists, so don’t be shy. Sure, tell me the Bieb is crap if you like, although I disagree. I don’t include many popular artists (over 10 million views say) but for him I make an exception. And for Adele, although I was very tempted not to.

The list is in reverse order.  So Adele is #32, and Frazey Ford is #1 this year.  Basically, it’s a countdown.

Viewing tip. I seem to get fewer ads, if I press the PLAY button and then go to full screen.  Keeps the video out of youtube’s ad clutches.  This may not work for you.

Viewing tip #2. If you’d just like to see who made the list this year, click the three bars in the top left corner of the video link to scroll the playlist.