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The duo Boy based in Switzerland tops our 2022 Best Folk and Acoustic Session Videos list with a sublime video blending their vocal talent with an integrated arrangement for string quartet. Thanks to our panel of six, including Nancy, Andrea, Anna, Emily and John, along with myself, who rated this above 85 videos from our Discovery list. The entire process reviewed 6371 videos from 299 musical artists, along with several thousand more videos from publishers like KEXP, Paste Studios and Mahogany.

Also in our top ten this year: Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway, Ruth B, Rae Morris, Daisy the Great, Lawrence, Sierra Hull, First Aid Kit, Bear’s Den and Hania Rani.

Sound interesting? Here is an introductory video which includes a link to the playlist. (Press the Ⓘ in the top right corner to access the playlist itself.) Thanks to Will for producing and editing this video in his home studio! Note: we’re still clearing a copyright restriction affecting the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Or, access the playlist directly, here:

Artsfols 2022 Best Folk and Acoustic Session Videos

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