Rae Morris – Go Dancing

Each year around this time, for 10 years now, we begin the process of finding the best folk and acoustic video performances released this past year. The first step is to produce a long list. This year it’s actually a long, long list of over 400 performance videos. It’s all good stuff, culled from thousands of youtube videos released and reviewed by us since late 2021.

The ‘Artsfols 2022 Folk and Acoustic Discovery’ playlist is designed to be played on a big screen TV with speakers or a speaker bar. Alternatively, a PC or tablet with headphones also works quite well. The list begins with 10 videos selected to indicate the variety of genres and performers we review so you can get a good taste of what follows. The remainder of the list, a first for this year, follows in alphabetical order by artist. That way you can use the youtube selector to find every performance video by your favourite artists. If you like Gogol Bordello, and only Gogol Bordello, then this is definitely the list for you.

Note: click ‘watch on Youtube’ to access all 400+ videos.

If you prefer to stream or download the audio tracks only, here is an audiostream that makes use of the youtube audio player.


And finally we have also provided a Spotify audiostream. (Note that a number of the performance tracks are not available on the Spotify service, and in some cases Spotify substitutes a studio recording for the live performance.)

Check back closer to Christmas day for our year-end countdown list of the very best live performances.