Are you interested in discovering some new music in the folk and acoustic vein, while also helping me out?  For the eighth year running, I am compiling a list of favourite folk and acoustic youtube videos.  I look for performance videos versus the heavily produced kind.  I know I’m in a minority preferring that type of video, but one of the benefits is that the playlist that results can be viewed just like a concert video.

I generally end up with 30 to 40 videos in my final list, but there are already well over 100 candidates in this list.  2020 has been a very creative year for many performers, so that is a silver lining given that it’s been a tough year generally. I will publish the final list of videos just after Christmas. Here is how you can help. Listen to any segment of the list, one video, ten or all of them, and let me know which ones you liked and which you didn’t like so much.  If you’re really keen, provide a rating from 1 to 5 stars.  Your ratings and preferences will be factored into the final selection. 

Happy listening.