Once again I’ve prepared a Youtube playlist of Christmas songs.
You’ll enjoy this playlist if you love melodies, fine voices, choirs and music that tends to the traditional.  Some spectacular new Christmas videos have been published this year. I do this roughly every second year. 

The best place to watch this is directly from my blog below.  Doing so seems to avoid commercials.  I love kicking back with a glass of wine, and watching my own private concert from beginning to end. If you have an ‘Apple TV’ or KODI box you can find my playlists by opening your youtube app and searching for ‘ARTSFOLS’.
The videos I’ve found this year include:

  • a creative twist of ‘Silent Night’ to recognize the contribution of midwives, perhaps not in virgin births though.
  • a stunning brand-new video from the dancing violinist, Lindsay Sterling.  Her most arresting yet.
  • lovely modal shifts in choral selections by Taverner and Gjielo
  • lots of snow and ice and jaw dropping scenery
  • a few low budget productions that I thought were just fun
  • Cold Play and Andre Rieu selections that I’m not sure about and might delete.  Or maybe not. 

So kick back and enjoy!!

Click on this to link to my 2016 Christmas playlist.

And here is the new playlist for this year: