A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request was a bit of a novelty tune written by the great and much lamented Chicago folkie, Steve Goodman.  Goodman was one of my favourites during the singer-songwriter era of the 1970s.  I first saw him perform with his oft-times collaborator, John Prine, at Mariposa in 1972, and thereafter, when he did make it to Toronto.  Goodman was mercurial on stage, a gifted guitarist, with a laser sharp wit, and lovable sense of mischief.  His genius never quite translated into his LP records, which generally consisted of one or two scorchingly great songs, and a fair bit of noodling around.  His oeuvre, including everything from the classic American train song, ‘City of New Orleans’, to novelty songs like, ‘Talk Backwards’, translate much better into the  youtube medium, and are a pleasure to browse and watch.  “Don’t say pass the butter, say retub et sap”.  Along the way Goodman wrote jingles for products like sneakers, and he also wrote “Go Cubs Go”.  And this song about his love for the Cubbies.  Sadly, Goodman was dying of leukemia when he wrote and performed this song, and passed away at the age of 36.