Kate and Anna McGarrigle for Hallowe’en night. Who woulda thought?  The song ‘Mother Mother’ which captures the anxiety of childhood and motherhood, both, is one track from their 1990 masterpiece album, “Heartbeats Accelerating”.  The sentimentality and broken-heartedness of ‘Heart Like a Wheel’ and ‘Dancer with Bruised Knees’ have been set aside for dark, brooding songs of aging and despair.  Like their earlier 70s albums, it is one masterpiece after another.  To take another example, the song  ‘Leave Me Be’ is the dark side of the Shangri-Las ‘Leader of the Pack’; gone is the seeming invulnerability of youth and the consequence of a rebellious spirit is no longer the boy of one’s dreams, but death and darkness and a mother’s worst nightmare.  But there’s still a catharsis happening here; it’s probably good to visit these places once in a while.   I don’t think the perils of aging have ever been done this well in popular music; indeed, this record is a classic.