We have weeded through 7000 videos and think these are the best of the year 2021.

In another week we’ll publish our list of the top 40 videos of the year. In the meantime, please help us out by viewing our top selections and vote for your favourites. (You can vote for more than one.)

Update: You can now stream these 7 videos by searching “Artsfols 2021” on your roku, Apple TV, or built-in TV app, then select the ‘Folk and Acoustic Discovery’ list. Do not use the Audiostream list. The first 7 videos on that list are the candidates for top selection.

Here is the link to the poll: https://linkto.run/p/EXRJJWUO

Make A Baby by the Maes
Normal by Katie Pruitt
America by London Grammar
The Spark by William Prince, ft Serena Ryder
Burning Bridges by Sigrid
Your Power by Billie Eilish
All Too Well by Taylor Swift

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