I’ve set up a couple of audio only playlists with songs on a Canadian theme, for July 1st, Canada Day. There isn’t a strong mood for celebration this year with the recent news on the surveying of child graves at the “Indian” residential schools. So the list is a bittersweet one, beginning with Sam Roberts song, ‘Canadian Dream’.

Some are callling to cancel Canada Day, but I feel we can ‘observe’ the holiday. For one thing, if it’s cancelled, you gonna go to work? I’m not. We’re still Canadians and we can reflect, think, read, learn, adjust, and I think, move forward.

I’ve loosely arranged the songs geographically, from the West Coast through the Prairies to Ontario and Quebec and then the Maritimes.
There are a few options below for playing the list. The youtube music list is more complete than the spotify list, which is missing 3 songs.

The above is a Spotify audiostream.
The above is an audiostream on youtube.

You can also link to the Youtube music service.

If you want to watch a series of performances on the TV or your monitor, my 2020 list of video performances is still around as well.