Each year I sort through thousands of recent videos to create a watchable “mini concert” of my favourite folk and rock performances.

Here is the list itself. There is a ‘full’ screen mode, and also a menu list providing some special features. The menu list allows you to watch any single video, or start or restart viewing part way through the list. Access the menu by clicking the three bars in the top left corner of the video, then choose the video you wish to begin viewing. If you want to view the entire list, ignore the menu list and just press the PLAY button.

And here is a lot of stuff, all good, but didn’t make the list:

You can also view on a Smart TV, Roku box or using KODI. Use the Youtube add-on or app, and just search for ‘ARTSFOLS’.

This year’s list contains 5 videos with less than 2000 views, and 20, or a majority, with less than 100K views. The artist does make a small amount of money from youtube viewers. Better yet to see these artists live, download their music from itunes, or purchase their CD at a concert venue.

[Two videos have been removed from youtube since the list was created.]