The front page of today’s Record comes with a story on a planner’s idea to build a new arena on the site of the old bus station. In general terms, I would rather see a) something people can use every day, not just an hour or two on specific evenings for a high price, b) more green space, c) a connector to Victoria Park, providing more facilities that will make the park more than a highly attractive dog run, d) a facility that every citizen can use, regardless of their level of disposable income.

Here are the kinds of things that I have seen in different cities that I wish we had:

  • Park space, convertible to a market or flea market, centrally located.
  • Outdoor stage, with really decent temporary seating that can be used for everything from concerts to outdoor hockey games.
  • Green space with benches where office workers can sit with their lunch, or residents sit and chat on a Sunday afternoon.

All things other cities have, Kitchener doesn’t, and could use.

With urban intensification I believe we need these kinds of spaces for everyone’s well being, not another paid attraction that is a dead building for most of the time.